19 April 1995: Timothy McVeigh uses a truck-bomb to destroy the Oklahoma City Federal Building, killing 168 people. He modeled his attack on one described in William Pierce’s, The Turner Diaries, a fictional account of a right-wing, white-supremacist, anti-government movement.

18 February 2010: Andrew Joseph Stack III crashes a plane into the Internal Revenue Service office building in Austin, Texas, killing one person and injuring thirteen. He left a suicide note complaining about government and taxation.

18 July 2010: Byron Williams engages in a shootout with California Highway Patrol officers after being stopped on his way to attack a left-wing foundation that had recently been the target of criticism by Glenn Beck.

27 August 2012: Lonnie and Karen Vernon plead guilty to conspiracy to murder a federal judge in Alaska. The Vernons had recently lost a legal case in which they had claimed that as “sovereign citizens” they were not required to pay taxes.

22 August 2013: David Brutsche and Devon Newman are arrested for plotting to abduct and kill Las Vegas police officers to support the cause of the anti-government “sovereign citizen” movement.

1 November 2013: Paul Ciancia uses an assault rifle to kill a Transportation Security Administration officer and wound two others. During the attack, he carried a letter describing himself as a “patriot” and making references to the New World Order conspiracy theory.

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