Pay It Forward (to the CEO, please)

Perhaps it’s just another sign of the New San Francisco that the SF Chronicle took a stand defending Urban Outfitters’ plea to its employees to donate free labor to the company. The Chronicle’s Carly Okyle correctly noted that the company has not been accused of coercing its employees to work for free and has broken no laws in asking volunteers to work without pay. But is the company actually in desperate need of help staying afloat? Urban Outfitters is a publicly traded company, so their executive pay is reported in various SEC filings. Here’s a sampling of this year’s payouts to their top execs:

  • CEO and President Richard Hayne: salary $535,000; 2015 bonus $500,000
  • CFO Francis Conforti: salary $847,000; 2015 bonus $383,625
  • COO Calvin Hollinger: salary $916,000; 2015 bonus $418,950

But, yes, the SF Chronicle is quite correct: it isn’t illegal to be astoundingly greedy.

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