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Why does the distribution of wealth matter? Why do the political philosophies of socialists, communists, and social democrats place so much emphasis on public goods such as education and health care? Does democracy matter to socialist ideology?

The Politics of Equality (Zed Books 2010) addresses these questions in a contemporary introduction to egalitarian political philosophy. Concentrating on ideas and values, rather than the rise and fall of parties and movements, it provides crucial insights into a vital tradition of political thought.

“Insightful, historically informed, and ideologically balanced, a commanding discourse on the theory and practice of democracy.” Michael Parenti, author of The Face of Imperialism

The Politics of Equality is that rarity: it covers what had seemed to be familiar ground in a manner that casts new light on it in a strikingly original way. It takes nothing for granted, and launches a broad-ranging, clear-headed reconsideration that is an original and significant contribution to the literature on equality.” Paul Thomas, University of California, Berkeley


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